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National Profile MIG Allocation
MIG Allocation
Province Water and Sanitation Allocation 11_12 Water and Sanitation Allocation 12_13 Water and Sanitation Allocation 13_14
Eastern Cape 1,436,470,276.00 1,746,609,355.00 1,842,672,870.00
Free State 360,382,151.00 438,187,449.00 462,287,760.00
Gauteng 129,554,662.00 157,525,145.00 166,189,028.00
KwaZulu-Natal 1,540,061,246.00 1,872,570,094.00 1,975,561,451.00
Limpopo 1,269,607,772.00 1,543,722,859.00 1,628,627,617.00
Mpumalanga 674,101,615.00 819,641,281.00 864,721,550.00
North West 627,249,208.00 762,674,769.00 804,621,880.00
Northern Cape 206,685,796.00 251,303,143.00 265,124,812.00
Western Cape 148,117,507.00 180,091,471.00 189,996,502.00
National Total 6,392,230,233.00 7,772,325,566.00 8,199,803,470.00

The total Water & Sanitation MIG allocation as per DORA 2011/12, 2012/13 & 2013/14.

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