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At National Office the Directorate: National Hydrological Services, in terms of groundwater, is responsible for directing the assessment of groundwater resources, data acquisition and data management for capacity building and the development and maintenance of information systems in this regard. This is done to ensure the sustainable development of groundwater countrywide through the establishment of monitoring infrastructure and network management.

The Groundwater Offices are the main implementers of the National Water Act. In order to fulfil this mandate they execute the following functions: technical advice and support; regional monitoring; groundwater resource assessments and exploration including drilling for collecting sub-surface information; evaluation and recommendations for licensing; data management and information extension.  


Registration of Water Drilling Contractors of South Africa


An estimated 80 000 to 100 000 boreholes are being drilled annually.  The data generated through the drilling of this amount of boreholes can enhance the knowledge of the occurrences and utilisation of groundwater tremendously and thus it is imperative to get the data onto the DWA databases.  At the same time it will enhance the Department's ability to execute its mandate to protect, manage and control the groundwater resources of the country.

An international search has shown that it is common practice to register drilling contractors thus the Department of Water Affairs has launched a project to investigate the mechanisms for successful registration processes as well as possible training and controlling mechanisms.

Contact details

Project Leader: Eddie van Wyk
E-mail: wca@dwaf.gov.za

Project Convenor: Ernst Bertram
E-mail: ernst@dwaf.gov.za

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